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July 2011
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Daily Archives: July 8, 2011

Ok, let me explain.  This is very unusual for me to chose the “card of the day” this way.  My first draw (always chosen at random, or if while shuffling, I get a “jumper”).  I have many decks and the deck I draw a card from is typically one that is nearby or one that for a particular reason is pulling me like a magnet, like this one did today.  The first card I drew was Justice, which reminded me of the Casey Anthony trial (and verdict), and I just didn’t want to deal with that one.  So I drew another, then another.  In the end, I know that this is what tarot is all about.  In the end, in order to be true to the cards, I must share what they revealed.

Here’s Justice:  This is a major card, and I confess, it troubled me.  Justice/legal matters/court proceedings – the non-guilty verdict is leaving me feeling wounded – yes, it cuts like a knife.  But isn’t that this card?  Many Justice cards are illustrated with the sword held upright (righteously).  This one is different, this one made me feel like the right/wrong decision pierced me deeply on a personal level.  I’m sharing the evolution of the card picking as an homage to Caylee.  This card is staring at us – reminds me that Casey is not like people who think rationally.  I believe she has no real sense of right and wrong.  The sword is so dominate in this illustration (from the Anna K Tarot Deck as are the other two picks here), that it bears mentioning.  Swords in the tarot represent wit, mentual acuity, the ability to communicate.  Looking at this individual, I thought “there she is, that’s Casey”.  She communicates through lying, sits there so straight and tall at the table in the courtroom holding the sword in front of her heart in protection, so little penetrates.

Then I chose Temperance Rx (reversed), another Major card.  Selected earlier this week, the insight for me today was crystal clear: everything is out of balance here (and so similar to the Justice card that’s it’s uncanny to see come up back-to-back as a random pick).   This even looks like Casey with her updo.  I’m still feeling completely unbalanced about this trial’s shocking outcome, and know that people around the globe share my feelings of shock and emptiness.

Finally, the Judgment card – another major card was randomly selected.  Look at this image.  Really look at.  This card represents how we are Judged, and the final Judgment of Casey still lies ahead.  I see lots in this card.  The first child I see as Casey as a little girl with her whole life ahead of her.  The next child, arms raised higher is Caylee (who would now be about 6), already up the steps welcomed into a better place to spend eternity, awaiting the arrival of others who would never hurt her in life.   Next is Casey as she sees herself at this moment.  Arms raised to waist level, walking up the stairs.  She does not know that when she faces the actual Day of Judgment that she will be found unworthy.  Judgment Day Casey is the one wearing the brown cloak.  That Casey will never walk into the sunlight, but will spend eternity in the shadows.