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July 2011
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Daily Archives: July 17, 2011


In the Rider Waite Smith deck, a woman sits blindfolded with two swords laying across her chest.  She needs the blindfold to force her to listen carefully to her own intuition to make an important decision.  Reversed, the blindfold would fall away, and see could see the choices as they exist, intellectually, rationally.  With this 2 of Swordes rendition from Anna K, she paints two swords resting in the sand, and he’s clearly left the door open, as he hasn’t forgottent that there’s a decision to be made in life and that he’s not “burying his head in the sand” (an American expression meaning “if I don’t see it, the issue will go away”).  I see this as a much more complicated and very interesting look at the decision.  There is much that draws our attention in this card, and it has such a different feel for me.  The swords appear equal – one no larger than the other.  The red ribbons (courage or heartflet) are billowing from the swords and the waves breaking behind them allowing me to feel how stormy this is – how important.  The presence of the moon indicates two things to me; 1)  that he is trying to be too rational in his decision-making and 2) that time may be running out for him to make a commitment to one or the other.  He may be avoiding listening to his heart, or following his innervoice.  When the card is upright, the sand is actually seeping  in onto the tiles of  his home forcing him to stop ignoring it!  Reversed, however, I get a  something different interpretation.  I see that he is deciding from two very equal opportunities/loves/paths – he is looking to the left (the past).  He will make his decision based on what he has learned from previous experience and is not taking this lightly.