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September 2011
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Monthly Archives: September 2011

The sweet Page of Pentacles.  Generally being awed by and looking practically at life  – all at the same time.  When reversed, you are having a hard time paying attention to details.  You may find that your usual studious nature, your thirst for information and looking up the correct answer, is adrift – you simply aren’t able to absorb information as easily as usual.  Things you were working on or aspiring to seem to be falling through, and surprisingly you don’t feel upset by it!  Remember this could be happening to you, or to someone close to you at this time.  You may find that there’s a sense of finding that your belongings, your practical assets, seem very important to you at this time.  This could be your home, your car – you need to be surrounded by those tangible things that have value and make you feel successful (or perhaps you’re afraid that somehow they will be lost if you don’t keep a careful eye on them?).


Know that this darker side of the studious Page of Pentacles (normally so grounded and careful) could be you rebeling against the “set the plan, stay the course” mentality and could be telling you that you desperately need to deviate from what’s expected at this time.  As long as you don’t go overboard – go and enjoy living life at “the edge”  for awhile.  In short – go have some fun!