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December 2011
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Daily Archives: December 29, 2011

These cards were actually drawn yesterday, Wednesday Dec. 28th.  While shuffling two cards fell on the desk (I call these jumpers).  I read them together.  Death is all about transformation.  The end of one, the beginning of another.  It can indicate the end of suffering, the letting go of a component in a relationship (or the relationship itself), a move, a different job, a personal struggle that you have now mastered.  The point is that something ends as you know it and results in a new beginning.  This Death card is reversed, indicating a delay in this transformation, or a resistance to it either consciously or subconciously.  (I’m posting it here reversed, and then upright so you can see it more clearly).

Death reversed (as picked)

  Death upright                                   9 of Wands








Add the 9 of Wands – and you get clarity into its meeting – you are on guard, ever alert to defend and protect yourself (there are additional “soldier” there that have your back).  It’s clear that you are resisting change and aren’t ready to accept the transformation in your life that this change may bring.  Remember change, although difficult at first, can usher in a path that takes you on a course of more fulfillment.  Keeping your guard up may delay a change will be for the better.

Paintings by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Shadowscapes deck.