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January 2012
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Monthly Archives: January 2012

 This Queen is brilliant and very direct.  She’s one of the few tarot cards that strikes me as looking directly at me, and she is indeed a very direct person.  Whether she represents you, or someone close to you,  she can be a force to be reckoned with if you cross her.  If you look closely at her face you may see what I do – that she is quite beautiful.  She has learned many lessons in life, some hurtful ones, and she matured early.  What you cannot see in this snapshot is the heavy sword that she is resting her hand on – ready, at all times, to do battle.  She takes up causes – fights for what she considers is right.  There is no middle ground with this queen – things are black or white, you are right (or wrong) in her eyes.  She is quite logical and organized.  She will complete her tasks and is generally a perfectionist.  (Her harshest critic is she herself).

Lest I paint her in a negative light, which I certainly do not mean to do here – she will defend her friends and family to the end.  The Queen of Swords can often be charming and gracious.  She tends to be educated, and extremely witty.  When centered amidst great conversation, she will smile and communicate very effectively.  She is often admired by peers. 

Remember that Swords represent the element of air; intellect, strong communication skills.  With this air association, she can float like a feather, yet sting like a bee.  Her sword can clear away obstacles.  On the flip side, that same sword can pierce you when her comments are negative and wound you. 

Do remember that this Queen can be a forever friend, and someone that you would always want at a social event.  May your dealings with this Queen today bring you insight you might not have had without her!