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March 2012
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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Card image is from Anna K Tarot, by Anna Klaffinger.

On the outside this elegant person appears to be almost regal.  Dressed in her finery, she stands tall and strong, seemingly ready for anything, leaning on a large sword. 

Gazing at the mirror she sees pain.  What in her life past or present causes her to see herself as this girl?  The image looks like she is trapped, helpless to move forward.  The bandages or sheeting has created a pathway that actually extends beyond  the mirror.  These two are completely connected.

Is she may be haunted by a life or memories that she escaped from, or despite her circumstances still feels inwardly like this woman, surrounded by a feeling of immobility?  Is the wall of swords one that she built to protect herself, or one constructed around her by someone else?  She may be seeing pain endured or a feeling of isolation and total darkness from a relationship.

What do you see when you look at this riveting image?  Is it describing you, or someone close to you?  Could someone in your life be hiding a painful past?

Perhaps she should raise the sword and smash the mirror reducing the image to shards of bad memories or barriers that should be swept up and disposed of.