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April 2012
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Monthly Archives: April 2012

This card image was selected at random is from The Victorian Romantic Tarot, by Karen Mahony & Alex Ukolov.

This card is absolutely speaking to me today – hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride.  I believe that on some level it will resonate with you as well.  Usually when I draw a card of the day, I clear my thoughts and keep shuffling, and draw one (or read a “jumper” – one that flips out of the deck while I’m shuffling).  Today I had something specific in mind (for me) and though I tried to quiet that thought, I’m afraid I failed.  I was thiking “Why do I keep yoyo-dieting?  I know what I’m supposed to do, how to prepare the right foods, get exercise, live a healthier life – why do I always abandon it before I actually reach my goal?”.  Well here it is – The Devil card.    The fact that it’s reversed here makes the answer to me resonate even more.

First, let me call out that I love the image of the Devil in this deck.  It’s the only one I’ve come across that features a woman.  (I’ve included a small upright image here so you can see better.)

She’s offering, luring, taunting you with all that you want, all that is enjoyable – her winning smile saying take this, it won’t hurt you; the jewels, the bag of gold at her feet, the flowers.  Who won’t be taken in.  Not exercise?  Skipping it won’t hurt, beside I’m so tired today.  Eat fast food?  Sure!  I don’t have time to pack a lunch.  Before you know it, you are right back to where you were before you started your improvement program.

Reversed, it indicates for me that sometimes I get close to betting temptation (the devil).  I get so close to my goal that it’s easy for her to lull me into thinking that I can eat this, and skip that.

So – what’s your temptation?  Is is playing more than working?  Alcohol?  Drugs?  Shopping?  This card can serve as a reminder that regardless of how far we’ve come when trying to overcome things that can lead to our downfall (and feeling disappointed or worse, disgusted with ourselves at times), that temptation is still there and it’s all too easy to fall back into our patterns from before.

This card today should remind us all that we need to be ever vigilant and not let her win!