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May 2012
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Monthly Archives: May 2012

This image is from the Robin Wood Tarot, by Robin Wood.

 This card is about patience.  He’s looking out but doesn’t yet see anything on the horizon.  He has somehow set a plan in motion, and has his two wands by his side.  One is silver with a crystal on top, the other is anchored firmly to the stone wall to his right.  He has riches, courage, but most of all he has patience.  The world globe in his right hand would surely indicate that a world of possibilities lie within his reach.

Is this you?  If so this card is a reminder that what you have set in motion, or what you are looking for on the horizon is something that you must simply watch and wait for.  There is nothing you can hurriedly do here to make things happen sooner.  Like a child waiting for Christmas, you must simply bide your time.  If you are contemplating selling a home, (or buying one that may go lower in price) watch the market and wait and see what happens.  If you are hoping your investments will pay off for you, all you can do now is watch the stocks, and wait.

Finally, I see a sense of two in this card that tells me that you are hedging your bets.  Sure, you have one wand in your hand that might fail you (after all, we’ll have to see what develops here)…  but the other is firmly implanted as a backup plan.

Let me know how this card may be resonating for you.