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June 2012
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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I’ve taken a little break from reading card of the day, but I’m back.

This beautiful card is from the Anna K Tarot, by Anna Klaffinger.

Today’s card indicates that things that require your inner strength may be taking a major toll on you at this time.  Are you bogged down by making a major life decision?  Are you recovering from an illness or just had surgery?  If so this card should serve as a reminder that you can overcome this time, the struggle, the challenge to get stronger and be well/fit again.

Are you caring for aging relatives that require you to be available to them 24 x 7?  This responsibility would sap the strength of even the strongest among us.  This card reversed on this day should serve as a wake-up call to those around you to provide you some relief!  This card should remind others that the burden should not be on you and you alone.  It’s all too easy to think “I’m so glad she’s available, she’s so good at these things, I’m terrible dealing with sick people”. 

This should also be a reminder to the person who is strong and giving so much of themselves that they may soon be depleted themselves.  And naturally, there’s no end in sight as you don’t know how long others will require your assistance or for how long, and the very thought of it stretching out before you can leave you flat and mentally and physically exhausted.  You’re probably feeling, and rightly so, that you life is totally on “hold” for the forseeable future – something that is surely sapping whatever strength you have left!

Take heart.  This card is telling you that instead of taming the lion, (exhibiting your greatest strength in the situation), it’s time instead to roar a little.  Let others know that you are not the only one who could be/should be providing care at this time.  Do whatever it takes, but let people know that although you’ve always been the one who comes through, that you cannot keep up this role alone.  Roar  Now.  Before you have nothing in reserve for yourself, and you become the one who needs the help.  (Judging by the way the others have assisted you so far… do you think they’ll come to your aid then?).

Do not be the benevolent lady here.  Be the lion!