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October 2012
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Monthly Archives: October 2012

 This image is from the Robin Wood Tarot, by Robin Wood.

This young woman is walking a tightrope while juggling 2 gold coins.  She is whistling – people think she is whistling to let you know that she is (most of the time) in control!  Her arms are bare so that she can move about and readjust to continue holding the coins.  Her feet are bare to maintain equilibrium.  This is the card of balance.  Not the kind where you have 4 items on one side and 4 on the other – but the kind that allows you to take two parts of life, equally important parts, and juggle them.  The bird boats in flight that are soaring near her illuminated by the bright moon remind her that while she’s doing this tightrope act her mind is free to soar to places and events that she looks forward to, that she cherishes.  The cord that the coins are balanced within is also gold – what she juggles in life at this time is valuable, and she never forgets this.  The blue she wears is enlightenment, the red courage, the white purity, and the yellow stockings joy.  She possesses all of these things.  Even at her most difficult moments, when she’s dangerously close to dropping a coin or falling from the rope – she finds moments of joy, and reminds herself that her thoughts can take flight and by doing so take her to wonderful places!

What are you juggling today?  Is is family life/work?  Is it two jobs?  Is it two responsibilities in your family life?  This card indicates that you are somehow managing it.  To others, it probably looks more effortless than it is, but you are managing it. Keep going.  Be kind to yourself and cling to the joyful moments.  Those are the ones that will sustain you when you get beyond this period and know in your heart that you somehow managed to get to the platform on the other side.