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December 2012
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Monthly Archives: December 2012

This image is from the Joie de Vivre deck, by Paulina Cassidy.


5 swords jv  I asked the cards this morning “What lesson do I need to learn to end this year in the right frame of mind?”.  The answer was the 5 of Swords.  Traditionally associated with someone winning at all costs.  Here we see that one bird has managed to spear all the jewels away from the other bird.  Does she look victorious?  Does she look happy?  No.  The bird who lost all is unhappy and the victory for the one holding all looks empty.  It’s as though she enjoys the battle more than the victory.

Look closely at this card.  Where are you as we wind down the year?   Are you the one feeling like things were taken away from you, or the one who “won”, but at what cost?  This card’s message for closing out the year is to take a look at the kind of things or topics in our lives that we do battle over.  The conversations we have, the gut-wrenching unfairness of the lifes’ situations –  that we often have no control over.  The only thing in our power is how we let something that happens or something that is said affect us going forward.  Do we choose to dwell on the negative or try our best to shake it off?  As difficult as this sounds, it’s a choice we make each time.

Is winning the battle going to make things better if those around you are miserable?  Far better to receive jewels presented to you out of love, than an empty victory.