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April 2019
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Tarot Thoughts

This is something new – three cards jumped out – so I wanted to read them together as Tarot “Flashcards”.


So we have 3 cards, and let’s look at them as situation/what’s needed/outcome.  To start, there are 7 blades/swords in reverse.  Swords represent the element of air which governs intellect, thought, communication.  Are you trying to think or communicate like other people or assuming you know what they are thinking?  (Your assumptions could be making how you deal with it much worse.)


Your situation – are you apprehensive about communicating your own thoughts?  Upright, this card could indicate that you may be stealing the thoughts of others (taking credit for suggestions/ideas from other people).  Are you afraid to use your own voice?  Lack of confidence would be indicated here.  It could also indicate that you believe that you know exactly what someone else is thinking about you, and that these assumptions are actually piercing you.


What’s needed:  Here we have the Page of  Trees – a card I like very much in this position.  Here, you need to get in touch with your inner Page.  Trees/wands represent the elmement of Fire.  Fire is energy – action – charisma.  The page is how we feel when we are just learning a role, just getting comfortable – like an apprentice or journeyman.  What you needed is to allow yourself to learn.  In learning we try things.  We may not be perfect the first time or first several times, but amazingly that is allowed.  You are being given attempt new skills while you are in training.  The only loss from a mistake is not learning from it.  This Page can also help you deal with the pain you may be feeling from what you perceive others are thinking about you in your situation. 


Finally, the outcome card is the King of Wands.  The King is the representative of the Fire element that establishes that you have made it – you are in control.  It is the highest most relevant member of the suit and demonstrates success for you here in your new endeavor or path.�Think beyond jobs here – this could be relating to how you personally handle a situation or relationship that you are having much difficulty with.  Apply what you’ve read here, and see if can illuminate something you are struggling with at this time.


These cards are from the limited edition deck, Jester Tarot, by Beth Seilonen.