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April 2019
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Arylan Aesthetics
Sun Moon
I cannot predict the future. I am an interpreter, and make no claims or guarantees as to what the future holds in store. Cards reveal what may likely happen, it is not inevitable and the course can be changed by the client.
Sun Moon
I do not profess to be a lawyer, physician, professional counselor or clergy. The insight I share and advice I give is purely my interpretation of the cards with you, the client, at my table. I use the card images, your energies, and my intuition to conduct my readings. When I provide advice, you are free to act upon it, or ignore it as you see fit.
Sun Moon
I reserve the right to refuse to read for anyone and if I exercise that right, will refund any money paid me for my services.
Sun Moon
I will never use the power of the cards to knowingly cause harm to others.
Sun Moon
I will strive with the purest of intent to conduct readings that provide an honest positive experience for the client.
Sun Moon
Consultations will remain confidential, unless a disclosure is made to prevent the client from inflicting harm on her/himself, and/or others.
Sun Moon
I will not exploit my readings to make clients dependent on me, but will offer guidance on tapping into their inner strength and wisdom to achieve independence.